S Gallery I-2, Skārņu 7, tel. Singles and doubles are decorated in bright colours with light Scandinavian-style pinewood furniture, cable TV, phone, writing desk and private bathrooms. In keeping with the royal theme, all of the furniture is gilded and giant crowns serve as lighting in the hallways.

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Ziņu izvēlne

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Vai tur ir par maz demokrātijas, dzīves apstākļi ir slikti un tur valda tirānija? Vai sekos Rinkeviča un Lietuvas ārlietu ministra paziņojumi atbalstam opozīcijai atkal tiks nozīmēts kāds nākošais Polijas prezidents? Vai Polijā ir jābūt tādai pašai demokrātijai, kā pati Polija pieprasīja no Baltkrievijas, atklāti jaucoties tās suverenitātē kopā ar visu ES? Šis ir patiešām jautrs brīdis un vecais labais teiciens par to, ka nevajag rakt otram bedri, kurā pats vari iekrist, ir spīdoši demonstrējis sevi visā krāšņumā.

Tagad Polijas varas iestādes varēs demonstrēt savus principus attiecībā pret demonstrantiem, kā to prasīja no Baltkrievijas spēka struktūrām. Bet Poliju atšķirībā no Baltkrievijas Krievija nesargā, tāpēc, ja tur ir paredzēts nonest šo valsti līdz pamatiem, tad tās varneši būs to godam panākuši.

Nākošais maidauns gaidāms ASV pēc 3. Kā jau teicu, pasaulē sākas tāds haoss, kāds vēl nebūs piedzīvots. Krāsainās revolūcijas atgriežas pie to radītājiem. Protams, ja skatās no augstāka skatu punkta, tad var labi redzēt, kā pēdējos mēnešos kāds spēks burtiski liek sērkociņu visur, kur var iedarbināt kaut kādus nemierus vai konfliktus un nav nekādas nozīmes iemeslam, kas katrā vietā var būt pilnīgi cits, taču balstīts tas tiek uz katras teritorijas uzstrādātām sarkanām pogām — rasisms un policijas brutalitāte ASV, paša Lukašenko realizētā antikrieviskā nostāja, gadsimtu ilgušais konflikts Kalnu Karabahā, pa starpām vēl maidauns Kirgīzijā, tagad Polijā saistībā ar šiem abortiem.

For beautiful waitresses in sexy nurses uniforms and international cuisine head over to Hospitālis, a restaurant made menstruālā cikla un svara zudums look like an operating theatre. For cocktails and svara zudums a1c in bikinis on the bar give Paldies Dievam piektdiena ir klāt by the river a go.

Splurge Fresh oysters on the half shell, steamed mussels, lobster or perhaps grilled swordfish with a vintage bottle of wine tickle your fancy? Gastronome in the new wing of the Reval Hotel Latvija will satisfy all of your decadent seafood cravings.

Take a cab to My Life in Jūrmala where the basilmango martinis, raspberry tartinis and other trendy cocktails will set you back nearly 8Ls.

The bartender studied mixology, if there is such a word, in Scotland. Good single malts are also on offer. Different Tired of the same old international menus at every café in Riga? After the chef just concocts dishes in consultation with each guest with whatever ingredients are available that day. Limited seating. Frequented by tough guy bikers, locals and tourists alike, Pieci Vilki, ultra premium herbal fat burn express express Five Wolves, offers a special treat for anyone who appreciates vodka.

Order a whole bottle frozen in a block of ice at your table. Nearly all of them are located on the N°11 tram line. Latvians love to eat, so do as the locals do and try some of the national cuisine.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

Order delicious speķa pīrāgi ham and onion pastries at Mārtiņa beķereja on Marijas or pelēkie zirņi fried grey peas, onions and bacon at Alus Ordenis. Cheap Finding a cheap place to crash is always tough and, until recently, nearly impossible in Riga.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the museums that are available to the public free of charge, such as the Occupation Museum and the War Museum, deal with death, torture and suffering.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

For only 4Ls you can take in an organ concert here and see for yourself why Franz Liszt composed music in its honour. The sprawling Central Market is good for odd purchases like hemp butter and suspiciously cheap software. But how about some live sports? For something less central without the luxuries, but much more affordable, Hotel Forums is a good option as is the Hotel Bura on the other side of the river. For culture and quality time, spend a couple of hours at the National Art Museum paying special attention to paintings by Purvītis and Rozentāls.

The view from the top of St. If the rain and cold has got you down take a minute train ride to Bulduri in Jūrmala and take advantage of swimming pools, water slides, saunas and poolside cocktails at Līvu Akvaparks see the Jūrmala section on p. Once the mansion of a 19th-century publishing magnate, it has now been completely restored and includes original tile fireplaces, parquet floors and crystal chandeliers.

For modern, luxury apartments try Boutique Hotel Bergs. Petersburg, its opulence will make your jaw drop. Hire your own personal English-speaking driver to take you there Area Tours, tel. Take a cab to the picturesque town of Sigulda and pamper yourself with spa treatments at the trendy Hotel Segevold.

Different indeed. Luckily, backpackers now have several well-maintained hostels from which to choose. Spacious, tasteful and luxurious. Pamper yourself in this sleek, centrally located yet quiet hotel in the trendy Berga bazārs shopping plaza.

Bergs recently became a member of the alliance of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Q38 rooms 38 apartments - Ls. Live like a king or, at the very least, a fabulously wealthy 19th-century tycoon in this historic manor house in the centre of Riga that once belonged to the Benjamins family.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

Although the structure has been upgraded with modern conveniences, the parquet floors, wooden columns, stained glass windows, ornate fireplaces and gilded ceilings have all been restored to their original glory. All rooms are spacious, elegantly decorated and include all of the amenities you would expect from a luxurious hotel.

The regal entrance has seen the likes of Catherine Deneuve and rocker Sting pass through it. All rooms are lavishly decorated in blue, white and gold, and truly are fit for a king. Satellite TV, free wireless internet access, minibar, trouser press, safe and full bathroom are all standard, with a fitness centre, sauna and steam room also available. Q56 rooms singles - Ls, doubles - Ls, suites Ls, apartments Ls, junior suites Ls. Business class accommodation has the added benefit of a trouser press and heat lamps in the bathrooms, while suites provide extra space and incredible views.

Q88 rooms 6 singles Ls, 63 doubles Ls, 18 suites Ls, 1 apartment Ls. Expect comfy rooms with cherry wood decorations and an excellent top-floor sauna and fitness complex with ° views.

The friendly staff has an eye for detail - our favourite improvement to the former Soviet elite hotel is the happy rubber duck in each bathroom. Some rooms also offer French balconies, while slippers, bathrobes and little satchels of lavender on each pillow all come standard. Suites include extra perks such as private saunas. A lobby bar and upmarket cellar restaurant with unique interior design are also available.

This boutique hotel is completely unique to Riga. Each room single, double or suite is decorated according to the colours, tones and moods of the beautiful Latvian landscape picture hanging over the bed. In addition to inspiring interior design, each room includes a phone, satellite TV with e-mail capabilities, dataport and private bathroom with bath.

Nearly everything in this huge storey hotel revolves around a common theme - Albert Einstein and his theories. All rooms are tastefully decorated with relaxing autumnal colours and have the standard amenities you would expect from a great hotel.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

Q rooms 7 singles 91Ls, doubles Ls, 3 triples Ls, 2 disabled-friendly 91Ls, 9 junior suites Ls. Are you just looking for more information about accommodation in Latvia? The ultra premium herbal fat burn express express and airy courtyard atrium of this stylish hotel simply takes your breath away.

All rooms offer standard four-star amenities such as flat screen cable TV, phone, wireless internet, mini-bar, safe, bathrooms with either showers or bathtubs and even ironing boards. A restaurant and a bar with a separate smoking room are also available as well a sixth floor terrace overlooking the Central Market on the other side of the tracks. Q rooms 4 singles 56 - 63Ls, 97 doubles 67 - 77Ls, 3 triples 85 - 95Ls, 3 suites Ls, 4 junior suites 96Ls.

Each room is decorated in a different style with unique lighting fixtures, furniture and even designer sinks and toilets. You can take the lift to your floor, but we recommend the winding stairs so you can fully appreciate the ancient exposed stone walls of this medieval building. Q13 rooms 1 single 41Ls, 11 doubles 59Ls, 1 suite 95Ls. We just love this hotel and its friendly staff. Suites have the added benefit of huge plasma TVs, even more space and bathrobes.

Q27 rooms 3 singles 56 - 77Ls, 14 doubles 63 - 84Ls, 5 suites 91 - Ls, 5 junior suites 77 - 91Ls. A glass encased lobby and reception area connects the two buildings of the hotel and an upmarket Italian restaurant, a bar, sauna and conference rooms are also at your disposal.

Q rooms 74 doubles 46 - Ls, 11 suites - Ls, 25 junior suites 64 - Ls. This stylish design hotel is comprised of three buildings surrounding a common courtyard. Each of its many rooms is slightly different in style, but most offer modern grey minimalist interiors with at least one funky design element, usually a lamp, in a bold colour to liven things up.

Guests can expect plenty of space, flat screen TVs, phone, free wireless internet, climate control and private bathrooms with hairdryer and either a bathtub or shower.

Breakfast is served at the trendy restaurant on the top floor. For those who require a little old world elegance, the Garden Palace offers up gilded ceilings, crystal chandeliers and restored 19th-century tile fireplaces. All rooms are decorated with antique-style furniture and include cable TV, mini-bar and bathrooms with shower or bathtub. Suites are spacious and offer added amenities like Jacuzzis and saunas, but we prefer the cosy top-floor rooms with expansive terraces.

Q66 rooms 17 singles 45Ls, 32 doubles 60Ls, 2 triples 90Ls, 4 suites Ls, 2 apartments - Ls, 4 junior suites 85Ls. Only a short walk from the Central Market, the Hanza Hotel is located on a historic square with a beautiful church at its centre. All rooms are tastefully decorated in warm autumnal colours and come standard with wireless internet access, cable TV, phone and bathrooms with heated tile floors and hairdryers.

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The top floor is available for smokers and the entire building is disabled-friendly. An upmarket restaurant and a charming cellar pub are also available. Q80 rooms 27 singles 60Ls, 47 doubles 70Ls, 6 junior suites 85Ls.

All rooms offer the usual amenities including satellite TV, writing desk, wireless internet and spacious bathrooms, but we recommend the cosy, rustically furnished rooms in the section that was once a 17th-century warehouse. In keeping with the Johannes Gutenberg theme, a small bronze book is attached to each room key. Q38 rooms 14 singles 80Ls, 17 doubles 95Ls, 1 suite Ls, 6 junior suites Ls.

An upmarket restaurant, casino, currency exchange and business centre are also available. Avoid the cabs outside at all costs. In keeping with its Icelandic theme, Islande offers stylish minimalist Scandinavian decor that is especially evident in the lobby area that resembles a modern art gallery.

All rooms are somewhat spacious and include the usual fourstar amenities, but you can also choose to splurge on the Odin suite with its own sauna and hot tub. A spa centre, an entire allergy-free floor, two restaurants and even a cellar bowling alley are among its other perks.

Sadzīves tehnika un piederumi virtuvei

Q rooms 28 singles 72Ls, doubles 82Ls, 7 triples Ls, 2 suites - Ls, 42 junior suites Ls. Check out its comprehensive website to find the countryside vacation of your dreams. Ride horses, go fishing, sweat it out in a traditional sauna, enjoy a romantic evening by a roaring fire in a renovated farmhouse or a regal stay in an ancient castle.

A maze of hallways joins the three historic buildings, and leads to a variety of rooms, some better than others. Standard amenities are available as well as disabled rooms. Q rooms 10 singles 63Ls, doubles 67Ls, 10 suites 84 - 95Ls, 2 apartments Ls, 14 junior suites 70 - 77Ls. When one sees the charming orange, flower-draped façade of this 18th-century townhouse one might expect a similarly antique interior.

Parakeets chirp in a cage above a goldfish pond next to a fireplace and a modern lift while guests sip coffee at the lobby bar. Each room is lightly different in style, but most include hardwood floors, cable TV, free wireless internet, phone, mini-bar and large bathrooms. Q11 rooms 1 single 55Ls, 8 doubles 60 - 65Ls, 2 suites 75Ls.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

A Scandinavian influence is evident in every aspect of the hotel, whether it is the design of the cosy rooms or thecuisine offered in therestaurant. All rooms, smoking and non-smoking, include satellite TV, wireless internet access,minibar,trouserpress,andlargebathroomsandaretastefullydecoratedinpleasantpastelcolours.

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Restaurant,conference rooms, sauna and fitness and business centres also available. Q86rooms 41singles70Ls,38doubles85Ls,3triplesLs, 4 suites Ls.

This four-star hotel housed in a completely renovated neo-Gothic building built inoffers spacious rooms with satellite TV, climate control, mini-bar, phone, internet access and private bathrooms with bathtub and bidet as well as a bar, restaurant, modern conference facilities and a fitness centre. Many of the rooms also include balconies with excellent views of the park and surrounding 19th-century architecture.

Q80 rooms 12 singles 65Ls, 50 doubles 69Ls, 3 suites Ls, 1 apartment Ls, 14 junior suites 88Ls. Erected inthis beautiful Art Nouveau building now houses a luxurious ultra premium herbal fat burn express express. One walks through the door and is transported to an earlier era when dark, wood panelled walls, antique furniture and leather upholstered couches were the norm. The hotel is most suited for families or businessmen travelling on generous expense accounts as mostly apartments are offered.

All are decadently spacious, tastefully decorated with designer furniture and include satellite TV, minibar and a kitchenette. Singles and doubles are spacious and include cable TV, minibar and full bathroom. Business travellers can choose business class rooms or suites, which are more spacious and include a few extra perks like two phone lines for internet access and other amenities. An excellent fitness centre with a pool is available as well as conference rooms and a restaurant.

Q rooms 97 singles 87Ls, doubles 89 - Ls, 44 suites Ls. Its interior was created by a trendy London design firm and each of its modern, spacious rooms includes flat screen TVs, free wireless internet, large bathrooms and many other fourstar amenities as well as views of either the courtyard or the park.

A fitness centre, a hip cocktail bar and a grill restaurant called C. All rooms include phone, minibar, hairdryer, climate control and satellite TV. Business class suites are more spacious and include a few extra amenities. Allergy and smoke-free accommodation is also at your disposal, as well as three bars, a restaurant, conference facilities and room service, not to mention a new wing with dozens of shops and a seafood restaurant. Q rooms 4 singles 70 - Ls, doubles 77 - Ls, 29 business class - Ls.

In designing the place, the owners used four as the magic number—no matter its size, each room has an area for sleeping, eating, relaxing and working. Originallyintendedtobeapartments,mostofthelarge accommodations have two rooms, and amenities like a water kettle,refrigerator,phone,cableTVandprivatebathroomswith showers. Q45 rooms 15 singles 42Ls, 20 doubles 53Ls, 5 triples 67Ls, 5 apartments 84Ls.

This three-star hotel provides its guests with36small,butbrightandcomfortablerooms with phone, corner writing desk, satellite TV and other amenities.

Also offers sightseeing, cultural and even shopping tours of Riga and beyond. Q36rooms 13 singles 35Ls, 13 doubles 41Ls, 10 triples 48Ls.

For travellers who want the feel of something familiar, this Latvian-Canadian run establishment is a little island hard magnum fat burner comfort close to the airport. Ultra premium herbal fat burn express express 16 doubles 50 - 55Ls, 2 suites 70Ls, 1 apartment 45Ls, 1 family room 70Ls.

Built inthis modern hotel, literally on the left bank of the River Daugava, offers 12 doubles and singles that all include free wireless internet, cable TV, phone, writing desk and simple, uncluttered interiors in neutral colours, not to mention fantastic views of Old Riga on the opposite side of the river.

Conference facilities, underground parking, a large landscaped yard and yacht and motorboat berths are also at your disposal. Q12 rooms 12 doubles 42 - 48Ls. All rooms, singles, doubles and suites, are surprisingly spacious and include standard amenities such as cable TV, mini-bar, phone, wireless internet and large bathrooms with hairdryer, heated tile floors and either a bathtub or shower. A restaurant, sauna and conference room are available on the 7th floor as well as a rooftop terrace in the summer.

Once just another local housing estate not far from the city centre, this huge hotel and conference complex has been completely renovated and offers accommodation for both budget travellers and those who require a bit more comfort and style. All rooms include cable TV, phone and private bathrooms and suites have the added benefit of balconies, mini-bars and more space.

Four-bed dorm rooms are also available with shared toilets and showers. A business centre with internet access, a restaurant and bar and a beauty salon are also available. Take trolleybus N°17 from Brīvības to the Kastrānes iela stop.

Although budget airlines have been flying to Riga for years now, local hoteliers have completely ignored the budget accommodation niche - until now.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express

A continental breakfast with French crepes is also available at an extra cost and the cafés and bars of Old Riga are only a short tram ride away. Q rooms doubles 34Ls, 4 quads 52Ls. This sleek, modern glass and steel hotel offers rooms with either light or dark wallpaper and furniture, depending on the floor, and all include floor to ceiling windows, big flat screen TVs, free wireless internet, mini-bar, safe and phone.

Underground parking and a restaurant serving Polynesian-inspired cuisine are also available. Q rooms doubles 32 - 39Ls, 1 suite Ls, 8 junior suite 80Ls, 13 superior 49 - 56Ls. Only a short tram ride from Old Riga, this new hotel built inoffers modern accommodation for affordable prices.

Although all of the rooms are similar in style, each floor is given a different colour scheme. Amenities include cable TV, mini-bar, two phones one in the bathroom and internet access. A s-style retro restaurant is available on the ground floor and a bar with a large terrace serves cocktails on the top floor.

AN Riepas - Drīz vasara

Q rooms 2 singles 40Ls, doubles 52Ls, 3 triples 67Ls, 4 junior suites 97Ls. This modern hotel located on the edge of Old Riga offers elegantly decorated rooms with dark red and gold upholstered wooden furnishings, satellite TV, writing desk, phone and private bathrooms with bath. Although almost all of the rooms are spacious and comfortable we recommend you splurge on the top-floor suite with its own sauna or the two luxurious rooms with large tiled balconies with views of the city and the river.

Not far from the bus and train stations. Q32 rooms 25 doubles 40 - 55Ls, 4 triples 70Ls, 3 junior suites Ls. Not surprisingly, the Anchor exhibits a slight nautical theme in its lobby but most of the hallways are decorated with paintings of Old Riga. A luxury suite with a jacuzzi and sauna is also available.

Good value for money. Q17 rooms 2 singles 38Ls, 14 doubles 43Ls, 1 suite 60Ls. What Felicia lacks in location, it more than compensates for in service and quality.

Phone, cable TV, private bathrooms, minibar and climate control are all at your disposal as well as a bar and restaurant. Take trolleybus N°11 or 18 to the Ūnijas iela stop. Q19 rooms 5 singles 20 - 40Ls, 11 doubles 40 - 50Ls, 1 suite 75Ls, 2 junior suites 55Ls. Although each of its many rooms is slightly different in size, most offer red carpeting and yellow walls as well as cable TV, mini-bar, phone, internet access and private bathrooms with showers and hairdryers.

The suite boasts a sauna, hot tub and a bidet in the bathroom, but the interior of the room is unusual to say the least. To avoid tobacco smells request a non-smoking room. Q75 rooms 25 singles 30 - 40Ls, 34 doubles 50 - 60Ls, 14 triples 72Ls, 1 suite Ls, 1 junior suite 80Ls. The Scandinavian owners of this hotel have completely renovated every square meter of this historic building including its original parquet floors, fireplaces and stained glass windows.