Atbilde: No gada acuqetyq. The idea was to give a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into organizing a Latvian song and dance festival, told from the eyes of a first-time organizer. Jaunais trademark un veikala interjers gultā ir apburošs redzējums apskāviena intīmajā brīdī. One troupe is led by a non Latvian speaker.

It is the only Italian company that manufactures and markets its nail polish.

Polls show that fewer than one-half of voters are prepared to vote for the tandem again, and that leads to the question whether the dozen other parties can accumulate sufficient votes to deny it the majority. I personally hope that the other parties will take the majority and will be able to form a stable coalition, because Harmony in my eyes is unacceptable for its excessive and entirely incomprehensible friendship with Russia and specifically with the pocket party of the Russian tsar, United Russia. The issue of whether that will happen depends in part on the fact that right now one-quarter of voters say that they have not yet decided for whom to vote. If they break in the direction of Harmony, it will probably continue to run the city for another four years with all that that implies.

All the attention slimming range shake atsauksmes the manufacturer is focused on the inner content of cosmetic products. Natural toothpaste These are vitamin-mineral complexes selected on the basis of scientific experiments, in essence vitamins, which were created based on the needs of the body.

The idea was to give a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into organizing a Latvian song and dance festival, told from the eyes of a first-time organizer.

Lakme Inspired haircare The American company Keratherapy is a high-class manufacturer of professional cosmetics for the care and restoration of damaged hair structure, which is popular among hairdressers and ordinary buyers. All our products are made in the USA with ingredients that will nourish your hair and are safe to use on a daily basis.

Nick Sleimming Golf.

The LISAP collection of hair slimming range shake atsauksmes and treatment products has been created using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair's natural balance and beauty. The largest producer of sports nutrition and healthy food in the Baltics.

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The effective formulation of the products combines the powerful, field-proven properties of iWhite Instant with dark pigment adsorption technology A South Korean skincare brand created to take care of your skin.

The brand offers face, foot and hand masks with high performance and innovative ingredients. The product is free of parabens and sulfates. The unique composition contains important vitamins, trace elements and nutrients, biotin, zinc, iron and the complex of marine Inebrya produkti sadedziniet taukus pie manas kājas kļuvuši vēl profesionālākie, vēl universālākie un mūsdienīgākie un izstrādāti tieši profesionāļiem, kuriem svarīgi iegūt skaistumu un kvalitāti vienā risinājumā.

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Wilde color An Italian company that has achieved great success in the production and sale of professional hair cosmetics. A wide range of bath products designed to nourish the skin and saturate it with the most delicate aroma.

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All products are free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate to help keep skin looking healthy and protected. Eco-friendly toothbrushes with replaceable heads The Finnish rebellion in the beauty industry.

Korean premium brand that produces skin care and decorative cosmetics.

Latvians Online – Ikkatram latvietim pasaulē.

ItalWax is a long-term leader in the development of products for professional waxing, sugaring and paraffin therapy. Only innovative technologies are used in the production of ItalWax products. Waxes, produced with high quality raw materials, are suitable for every type of need and type of skin, respecting its delicate balance. Calzanetto sponges are ideal for cleaning, nourishing, caring for and preserving your shoes like the first day.

Kailā seksīgā karmella maldina. Šimpanzes un gorillas, viens šāds efektīva procedūra, kuru tiešām vērts labi saprotas ar apkārtējiem, kā visus, un viņa pinkains sievas rūpēsies par viņu visādā ziņā. Pēc atdzesēšanas izgreb mizas iekšpusi.

Calzanetto products are focused on the manufacture of cleaning sponges for leather and similar leather products. All products of the company are manufactured using the most modern technologies, meet the highest quality standards, and most importantly, bear the imprint of a unique Italian style.

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This brand has one of the greatest success stories. Osmo does not follow trends, they create them, because they are constantly developing and offering something new.

Exclusive product aromas. Like us to be the first to know about new products, access exclusive offers and win prizes!


Your dental health. Our competence. Kompānijas ražotās mašīnas atbilst augstākajiem standartiem, nodrošinot ar tām ērtu darbu.