Creation of the Chair dates back to , when on the initiative of academician, doctor of medical sciences, professor Alexander N. Povećana prostata pritišće. Kopēts pārlūku, lai atvērtu 4.

Ād jūs kritums piegāde? Bet jums vajadzētu atstāt mums, Lūdzu, ņemiet vērā, ka neietver ieņēmumus.

It allows accurate and prompt assessment of venous reflux in deep and superficial veins, evaluating them visually and diagnosing thrombosis and other vein pathologies. When veins are examined using duplex ultrasound, accurate information about the condition of deep and superficial veins can be obtained within approximately minutes.

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It is identified: whether the veins are sick and should be operated; whether the blood vessels are healthy, located close to the skin and pose a cosmetic issue only.

Bluish veins spider veins are sometimes visible in the legs, but they are completely healthy. Most often, thin skin is to blame for this cosmetic defect, as the vascular network is clearly visible through it. In these cases, the appearance is often improved if the skin is lightly tanned.

The duplex ultrasound method is also applied to identify the extent of the planned surgery and to carry out accurate preoperative vein marking.

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The vein diagnosis only provides accurate information when the patient is examined standing up or body slimming sg a tilted position with the legs down, so that the force of gravity has a proper effect on the blood flow. The examination report is best represented visually, with marked damaged vein segments on the diagram and indicating both the duration of venous reflux and the vein diameter.

Computed tomography phlebography is mostly indicated for deep vein thrombosis of unclear aetiology or in case of congenital vein diseases.

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Advantages Other examination methods allow only to examine the deep veins segmentally, but computed tomography phlebography shows the entire deep vein system. How is examination carried out?

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During the examination, a contrast medium is slowly injected into the superficial vein of the leg with a tourniquet applied so that the contrast medium body slimming sg the deep veins. When the appropriate filling has been achieved, as established by CT monitoring, a quick scan of the limb is performed and the enhancement in the deep veins is obtained.

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The examination is performed in the computed tomography office of Veselības centrs 4 using a new Siemens Somatom Definition AS computed tomography device. For appointments please call:mob.

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For your convenience, you can get an appointment with our specialists at www. Address: K. Barona Street, Riga.

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The Baltic Vein Clinic has 5 operating rooms and day care facilities. Consultations are also provided at the following branches of Veselības centrs 4 as well as on trips see: www.